Picture update!

Hi to all my new found friends!

It’s so wonderful to receive the many warm greetings from all of you!Thank you so much!

As promised here are some pictures of the stuff my mummy and daddy bought for me yesterday!

Firstly, a carrier for me. This is a deluxe edition carrier…it is supposed to be of better quality and structure. The door to the cage is better than other cages. But mummy hurt her nail while trying to open the door of the cage. Poor thing!

Yogi mat, that can house newspapers below it for me so that I won’t have to worry about stepping on my pee and walking around the house! Daddy was so worried that i might not be able to smell the newspaper from below. AHEM… Harlow! Me a dog alright? heehee… so he was really happy when i took my first pee pee on the yogi mat.
See the orange & brown thingy? Thats my new toy. I too have a new basketball…which i think is now lost *oops* I just realised all my toys are in shades of orange. Even baldy pig is orangey pink. The basketball is orange too. Mummy says i look good with orange. I think i look good with anything. *laughs*

Some grooming accessories…a comb, Eye bright lotion, nail clipper,and some more…
Mumy tried to clip my nails.. so far she only managed to clip 6… all from different toes. Me no like clipping!!!

Some additional pictures…here’s one of me preparing to take a leak on my new Yogi mat!

Pardon for the poor lightings…

Posing for the cam?

Oh… i did not shit today… Mummy & Daddy are worried. They say if i still don’t shit on Friday, they will take me to the vet. Well… for the past few days, they forgot to add water to my food and its harder for me to digest the solid food. I am constipated. So Daddy tried out a new diet today. Add water to the food… which is a good thing cause it made me drink more water and the food is easier to digest. Hopefully i can shit by tomorrow.Or else its really annoying to hear Mummy chants “Shit Reina, Shit” when i step on the Yogi mat -__-“‘

Psst.. i just heard Daddy says he wanna buy me a tunnel to burry cause i am a HUNTER!!!

Mummy also bought a book abouth Dachshund today. Mummy! Don’t anyhow spend money again k! *shakes head* But she told Daddy that it is a good investment. Women… all sorts of excuses to shop.

I want to link my friend’s blog to my blog but i am having some problems with blogger. I can’t link at the moment. *sulks*

Alright! Bedtime. Nights to all my dear friends!


~ by reinadoxie on May 9, 2007.

5 Responses to “Picture update!”

  1. Look at all that cool stuff. that yogi mat is neat. I am to big to pee in the house though. You had better go poop. YOu don’t want to have to go to the vet.

  2. Hey – I use the Yogi tray too but I think as you grow older, it’d be better if they get the bigger tray for you. 🙂 Mom used to add water to my kibbles when I was younger and it made it easier for me to digest.
    I was eating Merricks’ Puppy Palate until Mom switched me over to Timberwolf.

  3. Sooo…. Did you shit? Did you shit? hurhurhur???

  4. I finally shit today! But just now when Daddy when out to fetch Mummy from work, i cried real hard till i vomitted 😦 I shook the cage, pushing it till it gave way and i freed myself from the cage. Mummy and Daddy were mad to see me out of the cage. Now they are ignoring me. They say it is seperation anxiety lesson. WHAT IS THAT!?!?!?!?!

  5. Hi Reina. My mom says that any money spent in me is an investment. Good for your mom. time will tell what your mom would do for you.
    Be careful Reyna because you could get hurt.

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