Showing some natural instinct

I read from my new friend Pippin’s blog on how close he was to nature and how he could run around in the wild. It’s awesome. But for me, it’s a different situation. Where I come from, there’s very little wild forests for me to hang out at. It’s a city area where there are more concrete walls than green fields.

But still, I’m happy. Besides, I know I’ve still got those natural predatory instincts in me. Just look at how I chase and pounce when daddy’s mopping the floor. =P

Some random pictures…

Just woke up….

Back to sleep….


P.S I didn’t know I slept like that!


~ by reinadoxie on May 22, 2007.

6 Responses to “Showing some natural instinct”

  1. You will take out that nasty mop soon.

  2. Hi, Reina. You are so brave! I ran away when my grandma uses the mop!

  3. Hey Reina,
    I do that sometimes too but Mom gets irritated and will ask me to stay inside my bed while she mops. 😛 And yes, I”ll do so..cos she’ll scold me if I move around. hehe…
    You are so cute..i hope we get to meet next time!!

  4. Peanut, you’re right..I think I might just take out that mop sooner than daddy imagines..

    Lorenza, that is such a cute behavior!

    Luckie, I will love to meet up someday! But daddy and mommy says that I’ll have to wait till I finish my three vaccination jabs. Boo hoo

  5. What a very brave girl! You show everyone you have the dachsie spirit!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  6. That’s the spirit!

    First thing I did when Stig and Fay picked me up was to kill a teddybear with prejudice and I love to kill a 40cm tall cow we play with. Stig and Fay don’t want any squeaky toys though, they say I am supposed track proper deer not chase small game. I wonder if that rules out the cats in the neighbourhood. 😉

    As for jabs, did that a few weeks ago and have to do it again next week. No big deal and I got to munch on a pig’s ear at the vet. So it’s cool at the vet.

    Puppyclass today.. woohoo!


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