Today, I had an unpleasant encounter with a peer. A hooman, like what my friend Luckie would call them, to be exact. Let’s just call this hooman, Mr X.

I’ve seen Mr X before but today was the first time that I was formally introduced to him. Because mommy told him that I was adopted, he jumps to conclusion and starts implying on how bad my natural mom was to abandon me at such a young age. I was like HELLO…I was never abandoned! Was not and never will be!  Mommy was kind enough to explain the actual story. I was like Ok, to be fair, he may not have known the actual story.

Then, he goes on to call me a cheapskate dog! aka no value dog!He basically referred the entire dachshund breed to be cheapskate! He goes on to explain why and it’s because our mommies give birth to huge litters of puppies. How infuriating! Tell me fellow dachies, are we a cheapskate breed????

He goes on to say how common our breed is and that we can be easily found on the streets. Helloooo….seriously, I don’t even think he knows that I’m a dachshund and for that matter what a dachshund really looks like. *Can you feel the steam coming out of my ears!*

Daddy felt insulted for me. Mommy advised us to forget about what Mr X commented.But how can I! This hooman obviously is ignorant and has absolutely no idea what he was talking about! How I hope I will have the chance to leave him a “nice, warm welcome” on his lap someday.

Anyway, daddy and mommy have since gone on to reassure me that no matter what others say, I will always be the most valuable in their eyes, purely because I’m Reina, their princess, regardless of breed or anything else.


~ by reinadoxie on May 23, 2007.

15 Responses to “Irritating…”

  1. Reina…. you should have really gave him a warm welcome….so does he mean that dogs are cheapskate since most dogs give birth to a LITTER of puppies???? some hooman just don’t think about others… *sigh*

  2. Reina, i didnt abandon you. I have to give you up because of my health problem.. i hope you’ll understand this one day… i felt so terribly bad..

  3. CJ, of course you did not abandon me! Please don’t feel bad cause i will feel sad 😦

    In fact, you should feel proud as you have found me a really nice home and thats more than I can ask for already! Moreover, i will get to meet up with my Doggie Mom and hang out often in the future!

    More importantly, you gave my Mummy & Daddy a chance to take care of me! From what i know, they are happier hoomans as compared to last time when life was without Reina. *proud*

    Its that silly hooman, Mr X that missed the plot totally. Lets put that Mr. X aside cause according to daddy, he is a moron. Whats a moron anyway? hahaha

  4. Mr X sounds like an idiot.

  5. Oh my dog, my blood is like boiling…firstly, most dogs give birth to does that make all of us cheap skate dogs? And puhleeze, are we really *that* common? I hardly see another dachie outside!! Tell me where Mr X lives…I wanna go PEE/POO on his feet….BRRR…i gotta ask the other blogging dachies to read this post..

  6. Hi, Reina. I don’t even want to say the word that comes to my mind to describe Mr X. Forget about him, that people doesn’t deserve even our worst thougths.
    Have a good night

  7. Hello Reina, you’re a cute doggie like my friend Luckie. How dare Mr X is so rude to you. Well, he’s a cheapskate hooman coz he was born without brains and manners

    ~ Girl girl

  8. Oh Reina…I’m not a daschie and MY blood is boiling! Sometimes people are so mean and ignorant! You’re lucky…you have a Mom and Dad who love and appreciate you. And I like your idea about the little warm prezzie in his lap the next time he visits!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  9. Hi Reina, it’s friday today. yeah… Hope you have a great weekend

    ~ Girl girl

  10. HEY HEY when are you coming over so i can interrogate you!!


  11. Hi Reina, thanks for visiting my bloggy! It is very nice to meet you!

    That Mr. X sounds like a loser.

    By the way, you are very cute! You look like my Mom’s beanie baby. This is neat there are so many blogging daschies!

  12. Are you coming over tomorrow?? Can we play?
    But can you not hide in the small corners or behind hoomans…. I wana play…

  13. How insulting. Mr X has no idea. I’ve never heard anyone here refer to dachsies as cheapskate dogs, rather the contrary. Our prized qualities of being a lovable memeber of the family and at the same time being keen trackers and hunters should defeat any notions of being cheapskate. I don’t know about overseas, but in Europe we dachsies are used to track and hunt almost everything (hare, fox, roe deer, deer and even elk/moose). Badgers are endangered so we can’t hunt them, but we would if we could. Just yesterday I was with Stig tracking and watching a red deer stag in nature. Quiet and sneaky and lots of fun, despite the rain!

    Don’t listen to Mr X, he has an inferiority complex to big proud dogs with short legs.


  14. Dachsies are a regal breed. We were bred to hunt badgers! Has Mr. X ever seen a badger. Those things are bigger than we are! You are beautiful and priceless and we are proud to know you.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  15. Hi Reina,

    We are friends of Roxie, Sammy, Andy and Lorenza. We had to tell you how insulted we are about what was said to you. Our foster brother, Bradley, is a digger and he said he could come over and dig a hole big enough for Mr X to fall into and then he would cover him up with dirt.
    Toby said he’d come over and pee on him if you want him to.

    Mommy said just to forget about STUPID stuff like that becasue we all know how special we are.

    We are all adopted from DROH and Mommy said
    she doen’t care where we came from — we are just special furbabies.

    Mona, Jacks (I look just like you), Toby, Bradley and our mom Sarah too!!

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