Another great weekend (Part I)

It was another fantastic weekend. I got to meet many friends, some old, some new! And I finally got to meet Luckie! Since so many things happened over the past 48 hrs, I shall split my entry into several parts.

I was at the Botanic garden on friday. It’s a really nice place for a picnic or an afternoon chill! Daddy and Mummy really enjoyed the serenity around the park. So did I!

We had a nice bonding session…

Enjoying the sun….

Tongue out…okay, maybe it was a little hot…

Doing my best impression of a fish….

…dead fish …

Had a great time….

Oh and I also got to meet a group of kids from Hossana. They were on a school trip to the garden and from what I saw, they sure did seem to enjoy themselves a whole lot. Some were rolling themselves down slopes! How I wished I could do the same but daddy and mummy were’nt too keen about the idea. =X

They were really warm and nice when they got closer. We hung out together for a while, snapping pictures and exchanging details. If you are some one that I met and reading this, do drop me a comment! =)

Then on Saturday, I met up with my best friend, Nachos.

She’s a beauty ain’t she? Some might find it surprising that two dogs of such different size could be good friends. But it’s true! I don’t know why, but we just hit it off the first time we met. =P

While we were playing, Mummy and Nacho’s mum were busy baking muffins and pancakes.

When they were done….

“Can we have someeee?”

Oooh…Gigi joins in..

Ok, now Slurpee wants some of it too…


~ by reinadoxie on June 10, 2007.

10 Responses to “Another great weekend (Part I)”

  1. reina, is that pancake or muffin or… looks like a piece of nanchos that mom ate earlier today. hehehehe.

    wet wet licks


  2. hi Reina,
    sounds like u had lotsa fun at the botanical gardens!
    i’m sure your mum gave in to those large imploring eyes… yea, so was it a pancake or muffin?

  3. Giving you mom “the look” gets you human food?? You are so lucky! When we give our mom “the look”, she just laughs at us and tells us to go away. Can we move to your house?

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  4. Hi Guys!~
    We had both MUTTfins and Pancakes!
    The one captured in the picture is Pancake! It is pancake specially made for doggies!


  5. Hi Reina

    My mouth is drooling .. you had both MUTTfins and Pancakes !!! Wow !! I LOVE my food.

    You and your friends all look real cute too.

    Love from Hammer

  6. Oh Reina…that one picture of you and Nachos waiting for a snackie…so cute!!! Did you have fun meeting Luckie? Oh I can’t wait until tomorrow to find out.

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  7. Oh fun fun.

  8. Hey Reina,

    It was fun meeting you!! 🙂 Dad took lotsa pikcs of you….erm…not much of me. hehe…I hope your Dad took pikctures of me. hehe…Thanks for the yummy treats…
    Have lotsa of things to blog and upload!! 🙂

  9. Wow, look at the size difference between you and Nachos!! Nachos is a giant compared to you! Hey hey you got food after giving your parents “the look”. Good for you! I am master of “the look”. Looks like you are a master too.

  10. Hey Ruby,
    We had SOoOOooooOOoo much fun!

    Hi Luckie!
    I love the pictures! Oh thank god for your dad! My parents can’t take pictures anything near those good looking ones your dad took!

    Hi Hana,
    THe clip of you is really funny!
    After getting the first bite, u went straight back into giving “That Look”


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