Evil Red Box

Today, Mummy brought this strange looking red box with wheels into the room today.

Checking it out…

Evil, Evil, Evil

Whenever this red box is out, it just means ONE thing.

Mummy will be travelling. She needs to go for a business trip 😦

Leaving this Sunday on a midnite flight and be back on Thursday morning.

Mummy is such a LAST MINUTE packer *shakes head* and you know what? She takes pride in it. SERIOUSLY?!?!?!

Have a safe trip Mummy, its gona be a longgggggg flight, so i wish you NO turbulence, yeah i know u hate that.

Mummy, if you gona leave me all alone here (well, not exactly coz Daddy will be around), kindly bring me something nice back alright?


~ by reinadoxie on June 24, 2007.

12 Responses to “Evil Red Box”

  1. oh reina, i’m so sorry your mom gonna leave you behind. i hope your pa will take good care of ya. enjoy your pa and dogter time!

    wet wet licks


  2. Sorry your mom is going away. She definetly needs to brin you back something

  3. Oh Reina… I’m sorry your Mommy is going away…. but it’s only for a few days, right? I’m sure you and Dad will have tons of fun! I think you should put something in your Mom’s suitcase to remind her to bring something back for you!!!


  4. Hi, Reina.
    I wish your mom a safe trip. Sure you will enjoy your time with your dad. I’ve heard dads put extra food in the dishes!!
    I hope your mom brings you something nice and if its possible tasty!!
    Have a nice day

  5. Hey Reina,
    I hope your mommy’s sinus is better now..where is she flying to? 🙂
    PS : Luckily your dad will be at home…phew phew….

  6. Awwww.. I hope your mum come back with lots of toys and treats for you soon.
    I bet you helped your mum packed her bags that’s why she can do it so fast.

    ~ girl girl

  7. My mom has an evil box too, but its purple. It has not been out for about a month so I am happy about that.

  8. Poor you, all alone! 😦 What could be worse?

  9. Oh, I would hate mummy to go away. I’m sure you will get a present and LOTS of cuddles when she gets back.

    Oscar x

  10. Hi Reina

    I’m sorry your mum is leaving you. I hate it when my mum leaves me. I hope she has a good trip and she’s back home real quick to you and your dad.

    I hope you can visit the Gold Coast one day. You would love the beach.

    Thank you very much for showing Beau on your blog, Reina. You and your mum and dad are very kind.

    Love from Hammer

  11. Mine is going to be leaving me soon. I don’t see how they can have a good time without us.

    Simba x

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