My Friend Scubee…

This post is dedicated to my friend Scubee

I turned on my computer today and started reading my friends’ blogs, just like any other day.

And when i came across Scubee’s blog… i couldn’t believe and still wouldn’t believe what i read.

“It is almost time to say Goodbye”, Scubee blogged. I don’t want this to be goodbye. Scubee is my new friend and i am very sure if we were to know each other longer, we could just be really good pals.

Scubee, you will always be remembered as the coolest looking Wienerlab friend i’ve ever had.

Enjoy your time at the backyard and with your parents. I am sure they will miss you and they will always love you.

Lots of Love



~ by reinadoxie on July 4, 2007.

14 Responses to “My Friend Scubee…”

  1. We didn’t know Scubee until yesterday. We are so sad to hear that he is going to say goodbye before we got to know him. We did tell him that we were sorry we wouldn’t have the chance to become friends and that we would pray for him and his family.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  2. hi miss reina, i found out about scubee today too. it is sad, sad, sad. i wish scubee could stay with us longer and not be in any pain. it’s hard to say goodbye.

  3. Scubee has been a great friend. I am very sad he won’t be with so much longer.

  4. I just met Scubee yesterday. This is just so sad! We ache for Scubee’s family.

    Love ya lots,

  5. That’s just too sad! Poor Scubee. I pray that if he has to go, he’ll go in peace.


  6. hi Reina,
    thx for dedicating a post to Scubee. it’s a sad news early in the morn… Jiejie & i will be thinking & praying hard for Scubee.

  7. Hello Reina:

    We too just met Scubee…sadden by the post…It’s very nice of you to be such a good friend and dedicate your post to him..

    Scubee and all his friends and family will be in our prayers

  8. I feel so sad for Scubee and his family.

    ~ girl girl

  9. We didn’t know Scubee until yesterday but we are very sad for him and his family. We will keep Scubee in our prayers.


  10. Like the rest, I only had a chance to visit Scubee’s blog yesterday and was sadden by his news. We will be praying for Scubee and his family.

  11. Hi Reina!

    I pawed by your bloggie!

    the news about scooby is really sad.. but I guess the owner would take care if him and they could still visit him.


  12. This news saddens all of us.
    Our thoughts are with Sara and Ryan

  13. I was so vewy sowwy to wead this news..I didn’t know Scubee, but can feel all the sadness
    smoochie kisses

  14. Hi, Reina.
    You are a great friend. Scubee and his family sure appreciates your post. Its very sad to know about his condition. I hope he doesn’t suffer. I am praying for him and his family

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