07.07.07 Live Earth, Green day (Part I)

Daddy is very excited about the 24 hrs Live Earth event that starts at 7pm tonight. Mummy though doesn’t exactly share the same level of enthusiasm. She feels that the entire event is too much of a marketing gimmick. The climate has been in crisis for ages. She doesn’t understand why nothing was done back then? Mummy stands by” prevention is better than cure.” Daddy just feels that it’s “better now than never.”

We’re a little family of three trying to do our bit in conserving the earth. We avoid using plastic bags and instead bring our own grocery bags during supermarketing. We avoid using the air condition whenever we can. These might just be small actions, but all big things grow from little things right!

That aside, we decided to head down to the Botanic Gardens in the afternoon. I blogged the other day about my encounter with monkeys, today, I met something quite different. It was smaller but longer…and the funny thing was that I think it was playing dead in the middle of the path when it sensed me approaching. Hmmm…

I was walking…

and doing some running…

and there it was…what’s that???

Zooming in…

It was not exactly an iguana or chameleon…just some kind of mini lizard…

Is it lunch time???

Within seconds after we decided to leave it alonel, it scurried off. Now I’m certain that it was playing dead! It was a smart little creature.

I came across this huge (at least to me) and beautiful waterfall…

And then there was this beautiful hut like structure…do you notice the “studio fan” effect on my ears?

There are more pictures to share…and I shall blog about my busking attempt and some more neat stickers that mummy and daddy got in Part II. Do watch out for it! =)

Oh, Nachos tagged me to show a smile…so here goes!


~ by reinadoxie on July 7, 2007.

17 Responses to “07.07.07 Live Earth, Green day (Part I)”

  1. hi Reina,
    my Jiejie was watching snippets of the Live Earth concert too.
    ooohhh… dats one smart critter!
    btw, i think u have grown by a fair bit.

  2. That’s a pretty cool lizard! And a beautiful waterfall. I wish I could have gone on that walk!


  3. Just be careful and don’t eat lizards. My older sister tried eating them and they made her throw up. I love to chase them though.

  4. We have lots and lots of lizards around our house but I never caught one! They are speedy!

  5. WOW a lizzard! That looks like it would be FUN to try and catch!

    Your Friend,

    Putter …:)

  6. Wow a lizard!! When Samantha was alive no lizard had a chance. She would not eat them but she would crunch them and then bring them to Mommy. She is our hero.

    We try to catch them but no luck….they are little critters.

  7. Wizard..uuuhh lizard!

    good thing you didn’t go bersrek and went for lunchie lizard!

    Mommy just wuvs your pictures in the waterfalls!

  8. Hi, Reina.
    Everyone has to make an effort to help earth! We do what we can too! Yes, that lizzard is smart, playing dead!! Ha.ha.
    You went to a very nice place. I hope you enjoyed a lot!
    Have a good night

  9. Hey Reina,
    I like that wind in your ears thingy. Very nice. So you did head down to the park afterall!!
    issit me or did you grow quite abit again? 🙂

  10. Our mom agrees with your mom and just how much damage did those concerts do to the environment?

    We know you could have caught that lizzard if you had wanted to catch it.

    Lovely waterfall — just don’t fall in!

  11. We listen to the concert too….

    Hey maybe the lizzard was promoting his igenda for LIVE EARTH – GREEN DAY

    Wow the waterfall looks most inviting…did you go in ???

  12. Hi Reina, I saw your comment on Luckie’s blog about how to register at the Bone Zone so you can vote for the Awesome Dog Blog award. I saw in the Bone Zone that you need to have a referral to be registered, so I sent Opy an email asking to be your referrer so hopefully you will get registered soon.

  13. Hi Hana,

    Thanks alot!!! No wonder i can’t find a way to register :p

    Hi Airechicks,
    Nope, i didn dare to take the dive :p

    Hey Luckie,
    Yes… i grew longer again!


  14. What a rude lizard, it didn’t even say HI to you? The waterfall looks very cooling and nice. I love your cute smile Reina. 🙂

    ~ girl girl

  15. Hi Reina,
    Yikes!! That’s a lizard!! Arghhhhhhhhhh…..

  16. I would have wanted to chase that lizard. Mum thinks Live Earth was a bnit of a marketing gimmick too – I’m sure they all jetted off in their private planes afterwards!!

    Oscar x

  17. How Fun! What a pretty smile you have miss Reina!


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