Hei Hei Hei

That’s the sound swans make. I was at the Botanic gardens again and saw this white swan at the Swan Lake. (Duh)

Approaching me…beautiful!

I was going to say hi…when it started speaking parceltongue. It was HISSING at me! 

Whoah, she has gotta chill…

Seriously, there’s no need to call for back up. I’m just a tiny little doxie.


~ by reinadoxie on July 15, 2007.

15 Responses to “Hei Hei Hei”

  1. Whoa! You got both the Mr. and the Mrs!!!! Are they protecting cygnats? I think they’re tring to warn you to go away Reina! Not too friendly are they? That’s not nice!
    BTW Mitch and I each had a cheese straw treat this morning and it was delicious! Thank you so much again!

    Love ya lots,

  2. If you need my help just call, I would love to wrestle that thing!

  3. They’re pretty but Yikes!

  4. Hi, Reina.
    They don’t look very friendly, right? Did you bark at them??
    I hope you had enjoyed being there!!
    Have a good night

  5. I’ve never seen a swan before, but I guess they are nasty if they bully you a tiny little doxie.


  6. reina, i bet that’s the nasty swan that attack and steal kisses from my simba sometime back!

    wet wet licks


  7. Xièxiè, Reina! Those swans are absolutely beautiful. I hope I can see one someday 🙂 Zaijian!

    Puggy kisses

  8. Reina…how dare that meanie old swan hissed at you…that just goes to show ya that beauty don’t count if you are a meanie. I caugt a bird one time that was attacking my sister Mona and killied it. Mommy got mad but I couldn’t let it hurt my Monie. I wouda jumped in the water and chased that big old bird away. Besides my Monie, I like you the best.


  9. Woh, that swan is so rude to hiss at you.

    ~ girl girl

  10. u remind my owner of harry potter when u mentioned parseltongue…

  11. Hey Reina,
    I barked at those nasty swans before. They were very RUDE and kept hissing at me. I showed them what I was made off. Don’t let me get my paws on them, i’ll destuff them in a min!!

  12. they’re threatened by a little doxie! hee hee.. what wusses!

    i just realised HM has the same poster as your mommy! the one of the two little chubby angels 🙂


  13. Swans are evil, run away, run away!

    Oscar x

  14. My mom says to tell you to stay away from swans. While pretty they are not nice.

  15. You are soo Brave with those bullies!!! Evil looking things– now that I know the truth, he he.


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