What do we have in common?

Do you know him from 24 ?

How about him?

or them?

or more recently, him from the Departed…

Well, we all once went undercover…


~ by reinadoxie on July 20, 2007.

21 Responses to “What do we have in common?”

  1. Hi Reina
    Great video. You’re so cute !! I can’t wait for mum to get our new computer. I want her to make a video of me.
    Love from Hammer

  2. Reina – We loved your video!! We were amazed by your will power – I mean one treat infront of my nose and I lose my mind!!

    And how cute – I wish I could fit in a space that small.

    You should ask you humans to get you a DWB video channel – that’s where my mom puts my videos too. We call it LabraDory TV!

    Have a great day!

  3. Reina, you are so adorable! And I’m so impressed how you resisted those treats…I couldn’t do that. No way.

    Puggy kisses

  4. Reina my love. Now I know we were meant to be. I love to lay inside Mommy’s pillow but when I smell food I’m outa there.

    Have a good weekend……………..Jacks

  5. Hey Reina,
    Whoa, I was getting worried if you could breath under the covers fo r so long. heehee but you make a good secret agent ya know. 🙂 resist all temptation!!

  6. OMG that was just adorable Reina! Gosh but you have a long tail!

    Love ya lots,

  7. Your’re a crazee laydee!

    Oscar x

  8. Hehehe! I loved the video!

  9. that video was great. You are just to cute.

  10. Hi, Reina.
    I like your video, and like our friends said I wouldn’t resist the temptation of a treat! Nice job!
    Have a good night

  11. How cute! Us doxies like to be covered up. And we love treats too!

  12. How cute! Us doxies like to be covered up. And we love treats too! I love your bed.

  13. hahaha….this posting is really hilarious…

    my owner watch b4 all those shows n movie…

  14. haha reina! i would have cried and yowled the house down if that happened to me! how did you get into the pillow cover in the first place?

    HM likes to cover me with her blankie and touch my nose from the outside. i would try to bite her hand and it goes on until she feels bad and opens the cover

    you know what? i think you’re longer than me! 🙂


  15. Woh.. you’re great undercover Reina..
    I think you should send your resume to FBI

    ~ girl girl

  16. you’ll make one great undercover pilow agent!

    i would have chewed over the pillow just to get my paws on those treats!


  17. Wow Reina, you are the BEST UNDERCOVER agent I have come across.. *clap clap clap*

  18. Seriously – excellent undercover work, Reina! You are very cute while doing it too. But you be careful in there!! My mom is always scared I will get tangled up under some covers and get stuck…
    Love Clover xo

  19. hey reina,

    no furry friends yet and certainly no one can compete with my simba king! he’s not a king without a reason.

    wet wet licks


  20. hehehehehehehee.


  21. Haha Reina, you do make a good undercover. Resists temptation till the end!


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