Singapore Hotdogs 3rd Anniversary

It was Singapore Hotdogs group 3rd Anniversary on 27th July 2007 and we had a private pool party that evening.

I was really looking forward to it cause i heard there will be games and i can’t wait to take part in those games!

Since Daddy is in camp and mummy still haven’t get her driving license (lousy), mummy had to take a taxi there. Good thing Mummy manage to share taxi with my fellow hotdog friend Ramu and his Daddy.

Here is a picture of me & Ramu. Ramu is a Long Hair Dachshund, black & tan too! Isn’t he good looking???

The organisers booked a doggie swimming pool at U-petamart, so the whole place belongs to US, the Dachshunds! Any dogs taller and have a body that is shorter, cannot come in. Oh, though there is a maltese, i didn get his name and i am not really sure if hes a maltese (Reina’s Mum: I am pretty sure he is not a maltese) :p There were so many dachies that mummy didn’t manage to get their names.

Heres the Pool. Nice eh? Can you see Jamie following behind me. I think he likes me cause the previous gathering, he kept following me too.

So, there was running, swimming & sit stay competition. I came in 3rd for both Running & swimming but i did badly for my Sit stay command. Based on overall results, i didn’t manage to win anything! *sobs* Its not that i do not know the sit & stay command, but come on, the floor was so wet and dirty, of course i did not want to dirty my sexy back yea?

Heres a picture of the very handsome Clubbie & very pretty Tifanny!

Food for the day!

Here is a very blur group photo.

I had a greattttt time and i am so looking forward to the next outing. I will defintely win something the next time round if the let me compete on a carpet floor :p

Mummy’s been really busy these days, She has 2 events coming thursday & friday. 2nd half of the year means the launch of Fall/Winter collection. I can’t wait for her events to be over cause she looks like a zombie now. Well, if there is any good that came out of the preparation for her event, is the reason to buy new clothes & shoes. She came home today with a new pair of shoes & says she needs to squeeze time out from her tight schedule to buy some new cocktail dresses. Woman *shakes head*…. Shop, Shop, Shop….

Daddy will be coming home this Friday! Come friday come faster. Mummy will be done with her events and i will have Daddy here with me too!

I hope it will not rain ANYMORE cause if it rains, i can’t go to the park! I want to chase some birds…



~ by reinadoxie on July 31, 2007.

27 Responses to “Singapore Hotdogs 3rd Anniversary”

  1. hi reina! first time visiting ur blog, i’m glad you had a great time at the gathering, the recent shih tzu gathering that i went in m’sia was a leeeettle disappointing. it was not as fun as i expected…but then, my hooman won the lucky draw! we got a RM300 voucher, hope she’ll buy me a new doggie carrier.

  2. Hi Reina,
    Looks like you had a blast at your pool party! Hope the humans shared that delicious-looking food with all of you doggies!
    Love Clover xo

  3. Hi, Reina.
    Glad you had great time there at the Hotdogs 3rd Anniversary. Lots of friends and contests. Next time you will win. The food looks yummy! My mom is drooling!
    You must be happy because your dad is coming back!!
    Give your mom and dad kisses and hugs.
    Have a nice day

  4. I can’t believe all of that FOOD! I hate swimming but I love food! Mom loves all the pics of you little weiner dogs 🙂

  5. OMG look at all that food! I’m totally drooling here!

    Love ya lots,

  6. Hey Reina,
    Thanks for sharing the piktures! I am so bummed about missing out on the FUN!!! Dad promises we will make it to the next outing! Er..when ah? LOL! Ramu looks hamdsume..are u going to be boydog & girldog?
    PS : I love the ribbons in Tiffany’s ears. So kawaii…
    PPS : Mom says we are going to the National Day Pawty…can we hitch a ride please? 🙂

  7. Woh Reina, you came in 3rd that’s pretty good for a little doggie. 🙂 I’m sure you’ll do better if the floor is carpeted.

    ~ girl girl

  8. I like the pictures. The food looks awesome! Mmmmm…


  9. did u get to eat those food? i’m sure the daddys and mommies can’t finish it all by themselves…

  10. Oh great outing huh?? and look at those FOOD!! Its yummylicious…Im drooling over here…

  11. I should have been there….I look exactly like Ramu…just a little bigger.

  12. Wow Reina, my Mom loved reading this blog entry. New designer shoes, shopping and lots of dachshunds. Fun.

  13. Hi Reina
    I’ve missed you. You sure lead an exciting life meeting lots of friends. It’s good you have so much fun.
    Love from Hammer

  14. Reina, you were definitely the cutest dachsie at the gathering! You should have won first place for that. We are glad your Daddy is coming home soon. We can tell you have missed him. You probably would have won first place for all of the competitions if you weren’t worried about your daddy.

  15. Oh my doG, Reina, that looks like so much FUN!! Oh, and it doesn’t matter if you win or not, you had a good time, right? 😉

    Puggy kisses

  16. singapore’s taxi allowed dogs?!!?

    that’s great!….malaysia is a big ‘No. No.”

    shame on us

  17. looks like a lot of fun! was there food for you pups too? 🙂

    eeew i totally understand why you wouldn’t want to sit stay on that dirty floor! princesses have their image to upkeep you know!


  18. Did you get to try all those yummy-looking food? *Slurp*


  19. reina, i’m sure you are a hot dog without joining the club. LOL anyway, still not sure what breed is that white dog?

    wet wet licks


  20. Yummy yummy food.

    Simba x

  21. Wow, looks like a lot of fun was had by all. So many Dachies. So many cuties. The swimming pool looks like a nice place to cool off. I don’t swim, per se, but it looks like fun. have a great weekend.


  22. Hi Reina,
    dat looked like a great pawty! i hope the hoomans shared some of those food!

    Pee.S: Ramu is cute! do u like him or Jamie better?

  23. The 3rd anniversary hotdogs looked like a lot of fun! You guys even got the pool to yourselves!!! That is sooo cool. I have never been in a pool before. Did anyone take videos of the swimming? Ohhhhh, the food looks so yummy. It is making me hungry now.

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