Daddy’s back!

Daddy’s back after 2 weeks in camp. Hurray!

And we got back into business.

First, we went to the Botanic gardens on Sat. I missed that place! Have’nt been there for some time…

There we saw this famous tree…blossoming with pretty red flowers. A rare sight in the tropical Singapore climate.


And I met this flight of stairs…(nevermind the guy laying behind me)

which strangely I dared not walk down…

 Mum and dad were having a laugh at me…

They decided to test me and walked further away from me…

I still refused to move…and by now, I was whining…

It was a strange flight of stairs. I never plucked enough courage to walk down it. Mum and Dad never understood why either. 

Nevertheless, I met someone who looked like sparky! hehe

Then, on sunday, we went to Upper Seletar Reservoir. Nice place subtly tucked away in the northern part of Singapore.

The reservoir…

the jetty…

I felt at ease straight away…

spent some time on the rocks…

and some time reflecting on life…

had a wild time playing fetch with mum and dad…

It was another great weekend! Welcome back daddy!



~ by reinadoxie on August 5, 2007.

23 Responses to “Daddy’s back!”

  1. where is the training that your daddy goes to? is it in singapore? i am so glad you had fun, you are ADORABLE!!

  2. hey reina, tell mom and dad to give you some time before you started walking the stairs. when i was a wee bit 3 months old puppy, mom didn’t know i wasn’t dared to walk yet so she dragged me! the nerve! after few tries then only she realised i was scared and have short legs. but when i grow older, i am not afraid of steps anymore and i walk my first staircase in the park. they were soooooooo happy they even film it. LOL

    wet wet licks


  3. Hi Reina…
    What great pictures!!! I wouldn’t walk down those strange stairs either…no way! You were smart NOT to do it. Looks like you had lots of fun…best part your Daddy is home!!! YAY!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  4. oh Reina,

    we are so happy your Daddy is finally home and you got to go on 2 outings. Don’t feel bad that you can’t walk the stairs. I’m 3 years old & I still can’t climb stairs with my short little legs but Toby can run & down without a problem. Mommy just carries me.

    guess what? since bradley got adopted last Saturday we got a new foster named Evander. he looks just like me and you. we all like him but he kinda got me in trouble yesterday. she thought i was doing something i shouldn’t have and i wouldn’t answer her when she kept calling my name and she said “Jacks you know better than that, i am so ashamed of you”. i can running in from outside and said “did you call me?” it wasn’t even me. i was so hurt that Mommy even thought i would be bad……i forgave her becasue she picked me up and hugged on me and gave me a special treat.

    have a good day …. love Jacks

    oh…the others say hello too.

  5. Welcome home, Reina’s daddy! Don’t make Reina walk down scary stairs; she is still a baby. Those are very pretty flowers on that tree. And we love the pictures from the reservoir. It looks very calm and peaceful there; no wonder you took time reflecting on life.

  6. Mitch is afraid of stairs too and he’s a lot bigger than you are! I love that last picture of you carrying the stick. You look so happy!

    Love ya lots,

  7. Hi, Reina.
    I can go up and down my steps at home but if we talk about real steps I can’t do that either! They are scary!
    Glad you dad is back, sure you are the happiest girl on the world! That place looks great. Sure you had great time there with your mom and dad.
    Have a nice day

  8. Welcome home to your daddy. It looks like a nice weekend

  9. We are glad your daddy is back! I wonder what was wrong with those steps, you obviously had a VERY good reason! Looks like a fun weekend1

  10. Looks like you had a wonderful time!


  11. Hey Reina,
    Guess what? I was also at Bontantic Gardens on Saturday afternoon round 3 plus to 5! 🙂 It was really really HOT huh?
    I am glad your Daddy is back. hehehe…..
    Don’t worry about the nasty’ll be able to conquer them in no time!!
    PS : Mom says will sms your mom to confirm Thursday appointment! How exciting. I must get my beauty rest….

  12. What a beautiful place to live!

  13. 0h reina…u dare not go down d stairs?!

    u must learn it fast then..

    btw…dat black poodle really looks like sparky…

  14. Good things happen when Daddys come back!! Glad you had a good time! What did the man on the bench think when you started whining on the stairs?

  15. good to hear your daddy’s back and bringing you places!! 🙂 hee hee i can’t walk down some steps either. HM thinks it’s the fengshui :p


  16. Woh, you sure had lots of fun since your dad is back. 🙂
    You look so cute chilling on the grass

    ~ girl girl

  17. I sure am glad that your Daddy is back!!!! :))) You must be happiest!!!!!

    Your Friend,

    Putter …:)

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