DWB Singapaw Gathering

I must first apologise to everyone for being less active over the past week. Mummy has been extremely busy with work, while daddy has been down with the nasty flu bug. No one’s there to help me switch on my computer. =(

Now, I’m really glad to be back online! Jacks, I’m back! After going MIA (Missing In Action) for such a long time, there is now so much to blog! Let me start first with the Dogs With Blogs Singapore gathering at Pawtobello on Thursday! It happened to be our country’s National day too!

Pawtobello is situated along Mohd Sultan Road. It’s a dog cafe! There are menus for both humans and dogs. How cool is that!

A quick snap on the inside.

The food  for the humans must be really good. I saw Luckie‘s parents finish their food really fast. Mummy and Daddy started off with one dish, and ended with two.  

I had baked brown rice with lamb for dinner…served on a “platter”…woof hoo~

It also turned out to be Huskee’s and Boy’s birthday! Happy Bday my friends! Can you spot the little dachshund on the cake?

It wasn’t my birthday but I received lots of gifts too. Thank you Chilli, Huskee, Boy and Eileen for the wonderful gifts. So sorry that I did not bring any gifts. I will remember to during the next meet up!

No gathering is complete without an attempt at a group picture.

I wanted in too. Even a representative for Girl Girl was there!




~ by reinadoxie on August 12, 2007.

15 Responses to “DWB Singapaw Gathering”

  1. We’ve been reading about this pawty on the other blogs of those who attended! What a great time you all must have had! We’re so jealous! We would have loved to have been there too!

    Love ya lots,

  2. Hiya Reina

    It was fun meeting up with so many dogs right? We must do this more often. It’s so nice to finally meet up with friends we know online.

    You are a very observant dog to notice that there was a dachsie on the cake. I was just interested in getting a piece and didnt even look out for my own kind..hee…hee

    HAve a great week ahead!

    Wet licks

  3. Hey Reina,
    I hope your Mommy and Daddy have more time for you soon. Did you manage to go swimming on Sat? Yeah, my hoomans really eat like gluttons..sheeesh..hehe..to think they never even feed me till I got home!! 😛

  4. hehehe reina, did u see me there too?

    wet wet licks


  5. hi Reina!

    i’m sssssoooooooooooo jealous! all of you got to meet. even Boo was there..



    I’m glad you are OK, I was worried about you. I’ve have been telling Evander all about you and he said he wanted you to be his girl too but I told him “NO WAY”. I told him he is too rough & tumble for a little doggie as petite you and i don’t want to share. So there!! have a good day and please keep blogging.

    Love and ((((huggies))) Jacks and the gang.

  7. We didnt get to try the food there because we were too distracted. But we know that Mama did try the Fish n Chips 🙂

    Boy n Baby

  8. that looks like sooo much fun! I can’t believe no dog ate Sunny the hammy.

  9. Hi Reina,

    I am glad that we get to meet in pawson. Hope that we have the chance to do it again soon.


  10. Hi, Reina.
    I hope your dad is feeling better now.
    Glad you had great time at the party. I am sure you were so happy meeting all your friends there!
    Thanks for posting about it.
    Have a good night

  11. reina i am so glad i met up with you at the pawty 🙂 it was fun wasn’t it? how was the pup food? any good?

    i love your red tee. wish i had worn some red too for national day!


  12. Hi Reina,
    You were so pretty and dressed up for the pawty!! I wish my mom had dressed me up in the national colors.. of course she didn’t think of it.. sigh!

  13. Hey Reina, hope you had fun at tha pawty. Eil said she wanna put you in her bag and bring you home coz you’re so cute. You’ll be careful of her if you meet her again next time ok.

    ~ Girl girl

  14. Hi Reina,

    Hope your dad’s feeling better now. I think you are a real cutie and very friendly too. =D


  15. menu for dogs’ customer??? tat’s way 2 cool…

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