New Home and Some Reflexsive Reactions

Mummy bought me a new gift today.

A second home! This one goes into the play pen with me when the humans are at work.

Now, why does daddy keep doing that?


~ by reinadoxie on August 14, 2007.

10 Responses to “New Home and Some Reflexsive Reactions”

  1. What a cute little house! I would like to hide in something like that when the thunder storms strike!

  2. oh Reina,

    What a cute little house. Is there room in there for me too? I would protect you, I promise.

    Love Jacks

  3. Hey Reina,
    Nice house!! 🙂 I bet you have lotsa fun in your new home when the hoomans are out. I thought it was really farnie each time your paw comes up to push your dad’s hands away! haha..cute!
    I could be your BFF ya know….we need to meet up to play more!!!

  4. Your new house look so comfy.
    Is your daddy playing peek-a-boo with you?

    ~ Girl girl

  5. what is your crazy dad doing? yoru house is VERY cute!

  6. That’s a very nice little house! I like it. Can I have it?


  7. reina isn’t it hot in the house? i have a house too but i got heat rashes sleeping in it so now’s it’s in the storeroom.

    HM likes to cover my mouth too whenever i start barking. it is very annoying!! i use both my paws to push her away!!


  8. hahahaha, daddy is bad bad! my daddy is bad bad too. he always bully me. (mom made me say that)

    new house eh? i think ronin the pug has the same one too.

    wet wet licks


  9. Hi, Reina.
    Your new house is pretty nice. Do you enjoy being in there?? Don’t worry my mom does the same to me! Annoying!!
    Have a good night

  10. Hiya Reina

    Nice looking house! Will you have a house warming pawty like Simba too?

    You’re so gentle to only push your daddy’s hands away. What I do is bitey hand…hey mommy asked for it….hiak…hiak…

    Wet licks


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