Face to face with a Great Dane

Hello friends, today I wanna blog about my encounter with a Great Dane on Saturday.

As promised, mum and dad brought me to Pasir Ris Farmway. As we entered a shop, we were greeted by a rare sight in Singapaw.

A Great dane!

Dad’s first reaction was “Whoah, what a big dog!” Mum’s reaction was ” It’s a Great Dane.”

My reaction was…

No fear. Even though the size of his tail was actually longer than my ENTIRE body( and I’m a dachshund )…

We can still be friends.


It was nice meeting you!

After which, we went out to the playground. It was this huge enclosed area with a few training stations.

And because it was enclosed, I was allowed to run wild and free, with no worries.

We ended our day at the Botanic Garden.

tongue out after a long day!

I will end this post with a little trivia.

I’ve discovered a new activity to keep me awake while travelling on car. From the picture, can you guess what it is?


~ by reinadoxie on August 28, 2007.

12 Responses to “Face to face with a Great Dane”

  1. I cant tell what you are doing in that car! you look real brave with that great dane, I am proud of yoU!

  2. Hi Reina! Wow I saw a Great Dane too on Sunday at the SKC dog show. I jumped when he suddenly appeared behind me. The hoomans laughed like crazie at my reaction. Geez.

    p.s. Lil’ Reina, I was at Eastpoint on friday noon with my sista and Kor. Was that when your dad saw me? Hee.

  3. Hope you had a good weekend. Lots of catching up to do on everyones blogs.

    Simba xx

  4. Hello Reina..
    OMdoG… that Great Dane is enormous!! Can you imagine if I and next to him?? I’d be pancake if he accidentally steps on me.. *squeaking in horror*

  5. Hey Reina!
    You were so brave meeting that Great Dane! He was very big and very cute. I saw one once, and my Dad told me it was Scooby Doo. He was really cool but sooo scary for me, I weighed only a pound when I met him!
    Love Clover xo

  6. Hi Reina
    As always you do all of us proud being soooo BRAVE!! 🙂 I can’t figure out what you are doing in the car!

  7. Hi, Reina.
    That Great Dane is enormous!!! Like a Giant! Glad you were so brave a made friends with him!! Were you barking at the cars that were passing by??
    Have a nice day

  8. Wowie zowie!! That great dane is humongous!!!!! My momma would have been scared of him! You are soooo brave, Reina.

  9. wow!! that was a really GREAT dane!!
    but i know they are gentle giant….u seems like enjoying urself there…

  10. u were indeed brave brave to befriend the Great Dane, but they’re gentle giants.
    u chewed on your “banana”!

  11. Reina, you are such a brave girl. Other pups your size would have run away.

  12. Gosh, it would take a lot of dachsies to be as tall as a great dane! You are very brave just like a dachsie should be. It was nice of you to him be your friend.

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