Sad news


Dame Anita Roddick died aged 64 on Monday after suffering “a serious brain haemorrhage“. She is the founder of Bodyshop where she pioneered cruelty free beauty products. She was also a great campaigner for environmental and human rights issues. She was and still is an inspiration to my pawrents, for her entrepreneurship and great passion towards the environment, including animals.

The news of her death came at about the same time my Mummy realised that one of her friends got diagnosed with brain stem tumor. It is shocking because she is only about the same age as Mum (mid 20s). The doctors say that she has only about 5 yrs left to live. We are very very sad.

We know that everyone leaves this earth eventually but we just cannot imagine relating to the word death at such a young age.

Mum has encouraged her friend to remain positive, change her lifestyle and seek treatment. Miracles do happen and we will be praying for her.

Dear friends, do include Mum’s friend in your prayers.  


~ by reinadoxie on September 13, 2007.

24 Responses to “Sad news”

  1. Hi Reina,
    Gosh.. brain stem tumor??! I am sending paw-sitive vibes to your mom. Her friend needs her support now so she must stay paw-sitive..

  2. Oh dear, I hope your mom’s friend will stay pawsitive. With the advance science and medicine these days maybe she can overcome it.

    ~Girl girl

  3. Thats very sad news. Its always the people you want to keep forever who seem to leave you behind.

    Simba xx

  4. How sad! We will say a prayer for your mom’s friend.

    Love ya lots,

  5. We hope your mom’s friend can keep a positive attitude. The mind has an amazing impact on one’s health. We will keep her in our prayers and pray that science comes up with a cure for her.

  6. Hi Reina,
    Sad news about Anita Roddick. And we are very sorry to hear about your mom’s friend too. We will keep her in our thoughts and hope that treatment will help her.
    Love Clover & Mom

  7. Mercy we’ll send prayurrrs her way. weve never even heard of that. the remaining positive is good advice because they just give general info with the drs. She could outdo the prognosis. purrrs to you all.

  8. Hi, Reina.
    Your mom’s friend is so young! We really hope the science can help her. We will be praying for her.

  9. Oh, that’s so sad! I’ll keep your mom’s friend in my prayers.

    Sparky and Lizzy

  10. Oh Reina, please tell your Mom to be strong as her friend needs her support right now.
    My thoughts are with your mom’s friend.

  11. what shocking news. i pray that your mom’s friend will find strength and keep fighting.


  12. We will all be sending positive thoughts your mom’s friends way.

  13. Hi Reina…
    That is so very sad…I will keep my paws crossed for you Mum’s friend. I really do believe miracles can happen!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  14. Im sorry Reina, these are very sad news…I will pray for your mama’s friend…

  15. Oh Reina, I hope that your mom’s friend will stay pawsitive and strong. *Hugs*


  16. I am so sorry that your Mom’s friend has been diagnosed with this terrible disease. Sometimes doctors are wrong, I really hope your Mom’s friend pulls through so she can live another 60 years! 🙂 We will be keeping her in our thoughts.

    Puggy kisses

  17. That is very sad news & we’ll keep your Mom’s friend in our prayers.

    Sherman, Penny & Lola

  18. *sigh* life is so unpredictable… i’ll be keeping my paws crossed for your Mom’s fren. she needs to stay strong & pawsitive thru’out her treatments.

  19. That is sad news. We will keep our paws crossed for your mom’s friend.

    Boy n Baby

  20. We are sending pawsitive thoughts to your mom’s friend. Hopefully she will be able to get healthy again.

  21. i hope they will find a cure for all diseases soon so we won’t have to keep seeing our friends leave too early. hugs.


  22. Dachshie puppy kisses to your friend from me and my sisters and a big beagle hug from my chubby sister Chloe. We will be thinking about her lots. Although Anita Roddick passed away, there is at least one thing we can all do in her memory to continue her legacy. I will raise money to donate to a dachshie rescue this Christmas!

  23. I am sending your mom’s friend super Ike kisses right now. She can come here and go to the Mayo clinic – it’s supposed to be one of the best in the world.

  24. Hello Reina
    We are very sorry the wonderful lady died so young and we will pray for your mum’s friend and hope she will be alright. I’ve missed you a lot. Have a nice weekend.
    Love from Hammer

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