Reina vs Nachos

or David versus Goliath.

and I won’t back down! Grrrr….


~ by reinadoxie on October 15, 2007.

17 Responses to “Reina vs Nachos”

  1. Wow……You go girl. Bet that big doggie thought you would be a pushover. Did I pick the right girlie or not?

    LOVE…Jacks and the rest of the pack

  2. Haha , great video Reina!
    Love Clover xo

  3. You’re pretty fierce for just a little girl, Reina! You show ’em!

    Love ya lots,

  4. I can’t believe how tough you are!

  5. Hi, Reina
    It could be an unfair combat, but you won!! Good girl!
    Have a good night

  6. Reina, you’re a determined pup! Great video!


  7. Yeah! Go Reina!! You sure are brave to challenge that big doggie

    ~ Girl girl

  8. Well that told him lol.

    Simba x

  9. What a girl!

    Toodle pip,
    Harry x

  10. heck yes you sure are TOUGH!!! I sure wouldnt mess with you!

  11. you are a brave little one!!! he lifted you off the floor!


  12. Hi Reina
    I don’t think I could get your toy away from you either with my strength. I’d have to distract you with one of my sad looks, and then I’d grab it. I love your videos. You’re a fast runner and a good swimmer too. My mum is going to teach me how to swim this summer, and Hobson and Rose too.
    Love from Hammer

  13. Hey Reina,
    Good thing Nachos was being gentle with you! hehe..but you are one fierce girl!

  14. Hi Reina,

    Its been a while since my last visit. Sorry, is all mom’s fault.

    But you still look great and always look great. This video tells it all, even the Nachos has to let go. Good jod sweetie.


  15. Hi Reina,

    you are really brave! I would have back off and let Nachos take the toy! I must learn from you, sweetie!


  16. Reina sweetie, I’ve given you an award!


  17. Reina, YOU ARE THE WINNER 😛

    Boy n Baby

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