My Sweet 1 year

Hello All!

 Hope every one had a good Chinese New Year… ( yea i am so outdated…)

 I celebrated my 1 year old birthday last Sunday at Pawtobello Cafe.  A cafe for Dogs and oh well, why not humans too ;p Their food is really good but……… i am very certain they can do so much better if they were to change their service staffs.

 My sister Yuan Yuan and my childhood friend Tang Tang celebrated the birthday together with me. They too were born on the 3rd of March 2007.

 Here are some pictures of the day!

Our birthday cake

Me and my sister, Yuan Yuan.

My hoomans are getting busier by the day. My dad has already started working and my mum is serving her notice period. How i wish a get a break from all the silly tricks i am made to do….


~ by reinadoxie on March 5, 2008.

16 Responses to “My Sweet 1 year”


  2. Hi, Reina!
    Glad you had fun celebrating your birthday!
    I hope you show us your tricks soon!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Hey Reina. Must be a pawsome pawty. Happy 1st barkday to you. Can’t see the photos, did you add them to your post?

    ~ Girl girl

  4. Happy Barkday!!! Hope it was full of fun and treats!

    Peace + Paws,

    Lucy Lu and Halo the dachsies

  5. Happy belated birthday Reina. I hope you got to eat plenty of that cake.

    Toodle pip
    Harry x

  6. Happy belated barkday Reina, I’m so glad you are back. It seems like forever since we last heard from you or seen your beatuiful face. I talked to Jacks the other day & he and his new Mommy & Daddy are coming down for the Spring Fling in April. Me & the Mommy can’t wait to see him.

    Me, Copper and Hana are on a great adventure to the North Pole looking for Hershey to bring him back home & we’ve taked about different places we would like to stop at on are way & we both thought about coming to Singapore. If we come I hope we can see you.

    Love ya lots & lots.

  7. Happy Barkday (late), Reina! We hope you had a great day! It must be so nice to see you sister again. She is almost as pretty as you are … but, then, you ARE both dachsies!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  8. Looks like a fun time. Hope you can come back and blog more.

  9. Happy belated Barkday Reina!

  10. Hi Reina, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sorry I’m really late!


  11. I’m wishing you belated Barkday greetings! Woooo!

  12. Hi Reina!
    Happy belated birthday! Sorry I am so late. Looks like you had a great celebration! Hope everything is going well with your mom and dad!
    Love Clover xo

  13. Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like a great time!

  14. Where are you Reina. We miss ya. Are you ok?

    LOVE Mona

  15. Hi Reina,

    Are you ok….it’s been forever since ya have posted.
    Me just want to let you know that me and the Mommy are getting ready for the DROH Spring Fling and jer gonna take lots of winnie dog pictures like us so ya gotta come by & check then out later tonight.

    Love ya….Mona & the Mommy

  16. Hi Reina!

    Geez, I am so backdated too! Happy belated barkday to you, Reina gal! *Muacks*


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